What are Groups, Primary Groups and User Viewing Groups?

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Darin (Intand)

What are Groups, Primary Groups and User Viewing Groups?

Postby Darin (Intand) » Wed Nov 10, 2010 2:28 pm

Great question - as you get deeper into the Tandem program, you'll see a few areas that might seem like a similar feature, so here is a breakdown on these topics.

User Viewing Groups: Determines who an event is visible to. Examples: ‘Everyone’, ‘Private’ users, or a more specific group of people such as ‘Principals’.

Primary Group: Determines WHO can edit these events once they are on the calendar. If an event is added to the calendar by someone in the ‘ABC High School Calendar Management’ group, the event is now owned by that Primary Group. Only other users in that same primary group with calendar operator permissions are able to edit that event.

Groups: These are the people (clubs, organizations, teams, etc.) that will be participating in events. Remember, users track GROUPS. This is the way people receive email/text message notifications for events.

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