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Darin (Intand)

Tandem and your iPhone

Postby Darin (Intand) » Tue Aug 24, 2010 8:04 am

Many people are asking how they can setup a digital calendar subscription on their iPhone, of their schools' events in Tandem. Directions are below, it's a very quick process.

1. Go to your schools' Tandem calendar, from the month view, click on "Add to My Calendar", then select "iCal" then right click on the hyperlink "Subscribe", copy that link (hint: should be a web address that starts with 'webcal') and paste that into an email message and send it to your email account.
2. Open that email from your iPhone
2. Click on the URL until the “Copy” option pops up and click copy.
3. Go into Settings
4. Click on “Mail, Contacts, Calendars
5. Click on “Add Account…”
6. Click “Other” (at the bottom)
7. Click “Add Subscribed Calendar”
8. Click into the box called “Server” and the “Paste” option will pop up.
9. Paste the URL into the box
10. Click Next (It will Verify) and then give you Subscription options.
11. Click Save
12. Now you can click on the Calendar App and view the Tandem calendar by itself or all of your calendars together!

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Re: Tandem and your iPhone

Postby jdblack » Tue Nov 01, 2011 9:57 am

We have been getting people subscribed by doing the following;

1. Make sure they have a registered login name and password for the Calendar Program

2. Have them go to Safari on their iPhone and log into the calendar program

3. Once they are logged in, they should click on the "Add to my Calendar" button which is at the top of the opening monthly calendar between the "RSS" button and the "Print" button

3. Then they should click iCal and then click Suscribe

4. The message will come up that it has been added and you can view or close - click close

5. Next go to the Settings - Mail Contacts Calendars - Subscribed Calendars - and add your user name and password to the subscribed calendar

This process has worked for many of our Teachers, Administrators, Parents, and Students.

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